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Tooth Gems Scottsdale


Frequently asked questions

  • How long do tooth gems last?
    My tooth gems last between six months and two years.
  • How are tooth gems applied?
    They're attached to your teeth with a special dental adhesive, and they can be removed when you no longer want them on your teeth. The adhesives used for tooth gems aren't harmful to the mouth or body.
  • Will tooth gems turn my teeth different colors?
    No, in fact, you can still whiten your teeth with the gem or charm applied and it will not leave a mark or discolor your tooth underneath.
  • What are tooth gems?
    A tooth gem or charm is a small, removable jewel that can be attached to your teeth using a special bonding adhesive.
  • How do I take my tooth gem or charm off?
    If you wish to take your gem or charm off, please visit your dentist and they can take them off. If you do not have a favorite local dentist, please reach out to me and I can send you my recommendations!
  • Can I brush my teeth over the tooth gem?
    Yes! You can continue to brush you teeth as normal with a tooth gem. Also, make sure to visit the dentist twice a year to make sure that the tooth gem/charm is safe and secure and your teeth stay nice and healthy.
  • What is the aftercare like?
    • Do not touch your gem or play with it right after application. • Try not eat until at least 2 hours after the crystals are applied. • You can drink water right after your treatment. If you drink anything other than water, please drink out of a straw. • Eat soft food for 12 hours after your gem application. Do not eat anything chewy, gummy or super hard (i.e. candy, brittle)
  • What if my gem/charm falls off?
    If your gem or charm falls off within 3 months of application, I will replace it free of charge (as long as the gem/charm isn't placed on the back molars).

Still have questions?

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